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The Wilders

"There's a good maxim in art," says Ike Sheldon, lead singer and guitarist Kansas City's hillbilly band, The Wilders. "You shouldn't really break the rules until you know the rules. Look at Picasso; the dude was absolutely amazing. He could draw anything perfectly, very detailed and realistic. That's how he could move on to other things. We said 'If we are gonna play country music, let's learn what makes it tick.' And now that we know, we are reaping the benefits; we can throw the rules out the window. If you want straight Hank Williams, we can do it right. But don't give me any shit for being just like a rock and roller and totally twisting it around. We're doing whatever we want and that's what's really exciting for us," adds Ike. "This ain't sitting on the front porch rocking chair music. We play hillbilly music and we play the shit out of it."